ICO Financial

Book building and Book running Services

Having difficulties determining the initial value of your token? The answer is book-building and book-running. Through our extensive network of high net worth investors, we can analyze the value of your ICO, determine the token strategy and help create an off-market book that will provide confidence to your ICO contributors.

ICO Escrow Services

We provide complete third-party escrow services to ensure the trust of your contributors. Funds can be held safely in escrow until the milestones laid out in your roadmap are achieved. As successive milestones are reached and funds are distributed, contributors will know the on-boarding process is heading towards completion, encouraging trust and promoting the overall growth of the platform.

Multi-Sig Wallet Management

We help you create the appropriate protocol to safely store your BTC or ETH (or other cryptos), a list of parties that can verify transactions, how many verifiers are necessary and the protocol for submitting requests. All these steps add layers of protection to your funds and provide the ability to control access and expenditure.

Financial Reporting and Auditing

Before, during, and after your ICO, you’ll need careful and detailed financial reporting in order to comply with regulations, as well as building trust within your contributor network. We provide a full service team of accountants and financial analysts to allow you to focus on your core operations. We also provide auditing services to increase the accuracy of your financials.

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