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CoinBarters provides turnkey ICO marketing solutions that generate the leads, traffic and ultimately capital into your token raise. From ICO PR to the bounty campaign, CoinBarters will tailor your messaging and ensure maximum exposure to your ICO through a vast network of news platforms.
CoinBarters employs a global team of marketing specialists, content developers and web developers to maximize your ICO campaign. We provide full-scale ICO marketing services as well as a la carte offerings to meet your unique goals, budget and timelines.
Our end-to-end marketing services can be further broken down into the following components:

Product Validation Analysis

Have a great idea but not sure if it is market ready? How it can be best applied on blockchain? Let our team of experienced experts analyze the real-world application for you. We can help you understand the market and position your product to ensure success.

Roadmap & ICO Marketing Strategy

Moving from idea to implementation is tough. Our team can help create a detailed roadmap supporting timing for your product or idea. We create ICO marketing strategies built around a solid plan to help you maximize your resources.

Brand, Web, and Social Media Expertise

Our in-house team creates awareness and brand recognition through efficient strategies to ensure your business stands out in an increasingly crowded market. We focus on organic and paid social media placement as well as exposure on trackers like Reddit, Steemit, Bitcointalk, and other platforms.

Premium Placement in News Outlets

We live in an attention economy and getting the right audience’s attention is key. Most hear about ICOs and new blockchain applications through news outlets, but with all the noise, consistently getting your name into premium outlets is challenging. Our network of news contacts allows us to place your company in premium position in order to garner the greatest attention for the right audience.

International Bounty Program

The most successful ICOs offer a bounty campaign that recognizes the blockchain community for completing marketing tasks or reporting bugs. We coordinate the entire bounty campaign on your behalf to ensure your community is properly recognized and compensated for its efforts.

Reputation Management

Our SEO platforms and tools, content editors and legal teams ensure the reputation of your brand is protected in this increasingly hostile space. Our focus is on rapidly spotting negative or harmful content and reacting swiftly to ensure it is addressed before it gains traction and causes damage.

ICO Digital Marketing

Develop your ICO’s marketing strategy through the various stages of new product development, including idea generation and screening, concept development and testing, marketing strategy development, product development, test-marketing and implementation. Our digital marketing services tie all the pieces together to ensure your digital footprint is well received by the investing community.

Community Management

Active community engagement is an essential part of any crowdfunding campaign. Message boards, social media channels, Telegram and other mediums require a constant presence in order to answer questions and build the trust of the community. CoinBarters will provide you with a dedicated resource to optimize your presence on these and other platforms to ensure full engagement from the investment community.

Public Relations

PR campaigns are an integral part of your marketing strategy. CoinBarters has decades of combined experience in the blockchain industry and has developed unique connections with major distribution channels. We will assign you a subject matter expert who will pen all your PR content for distribution on all the major platforms.


Airdrops have been deployed by Clams, Byteball and Stellar and are an equitable token distribution method comprising issuing tokens to each address on protocols such as Bitcoin on a particular date. They are traded on the open market and Bitcoin owners who prefer using networks can receive a dividend.

ICO Marketing: Key Marketing and PR Strategies for an ICO

ICO marketing or token generating events, referred to as TGE’s, take a project idea into the fund raising mode for generating the resources required for developing the idea into an application. With the complexity of meeting global financial regulations, ICO marketing and PR services have become important functions beyond the technical development scope of a crypto project.

There are three main considerations for ICO marketing and PR services to successfully launch a crypto ICO.

ICO Marketing Strategy Number One What Is ICO Marketing and PR Service?

The first consideration regarding ICO or token ICO marketing is understanding what exactly ICO marketing and PR services are responsible for with regard to a successful ICO fundraising campaign. The simple answer to this complex question is that ICO marketing and PR services develop the introduction strategy, the marketing channels, the media content, the branding, the voice of the ICO, and define the target market for the ICO based around services the eventual application will provide.

ICO Marketing Strategy #2 Transparency for All Aspects of ICO Crypto Marketing

For ICO marketing strategy to succeed, the primary requirement is establishing transparency for the project. LinkedIn profiles must be as complete as possible to relay the strengths of the team. Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Discord, Reddit, Bitcoin Forums, and other social media channels need regular activity, and responsiveness to the developing community of ICO supporters.

ICO Marketing Strategy #3 An ICO Marketing Company Offers Higher ICO Fund Raising Performance

Blockchain ICO marketing is a full-time endeavor that requires several team members to execute effectively. Developers focused on creating a token launch and an ICO application, will not generally have the bandwidth for implementing a full ICO and PR service campaign. Selecting an ICO marketing company with PR services is the first and most critical step towards achieving ICO fundraising goals.

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