Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities


Parksen combats worldwide traffic congestion and pollution through a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, which utilizes the IOTA and Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, IoT devices, artificial intelligence and a real-time parking app. The Parksen parking app, running in over 100 Dutch municipalities, allows drivers all around the globe to find and pay for their parking spaces in advanced, showing them the closest one to their destination, saving them money, time and frustration, as well as helping to reduce CO2 emissions. We receive a 5% kickback fee on all parking transactions that were activated by our cloud based SAAS solution, and by distributing smart, low priced IoT devices and a free-to-use platform to commercial parking providers and local, regional and national governments, we aim to disrupt a 100 billion dollar industry.

About PARQ

Parksen is an easily adoptable Green, Smart and Connected City Platform that is accessible through a public API and runs entirely on the existing Parksen Parking Cloud. By utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain and our own PARQ Utility Tokens, we will offer a variety of solutions and smart contracts that will directly benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders within urban metropolises and smaller cities.

We aim to use an open and universal ledger to record and map data that will give us a picture of major chokepoints in urban areas. With that information we can continuously improve the flow of traffic and decrease carbon monoxide emissions and congestion, while replacing and renewing outdated technology and investing in smart parking solutions through IoT (Internet of Things) devices, green field appliances, a real-time parking app and universal dashboards.

The Team

Eddie Postma


Paul Heath


Fokko van der Bosch

IT Architect

Arjan Douwes

Senior Developer

Massimo Bensi

Senior Developer

Joost Platje

Global Sustainability Strategist

Roy van Pamelen

Urban Development Specialist

Tanna Heath

Risk Assessment Manager

Cor Alberts

Legal Counsel

Maarten Voskuil

Legal Counsel Consumer Privacy

Wilhelm Roth

Marketing and Communication Manager

Jan Heemskerk

Content Manager

Marc Garcia Abellan

Social Media and Community Manager

Simon Cocking


Jason Hung


Richard Krawczyk


Mohamed Roushdy



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