Tresorio HUB (PreICO)

Tresorio HUB (PreICO)

Moving Supercomputing to the Edge


Tresorio HUB is a transparent, decentralized, sustainable and scalable ecosystem, accessible through a cloud platform, our HUB Platform, allowing an easier access to computing resources. These resources will be used for various use cases such as blockchain mining, 3D rendering, Machine Learning model training, or complex scientific computations. The HUB platform will be powered by our Green Network’s clusters and smart-boilers, as well as computing resources made available from thousands of contributors through decentralized marketplaces. Our ambition is to create an efficient ecosystem, democratizing access to computing resources to all types of users. We aim at disrupting the centralized paradigm in Cloud Computing.

About Tresorio HUB (PreICO)

Contributing to a better allocation of computing power

We are witnessing a digital revolution driven by connected objects which is about to change the everyday lives of households, businesses and our whole societies. Since the appearance of smartphones, used today as a real extension of our consciousness, we seek to increase the capabilities of these smart objects. This revolution, stemming from advances in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) to collect data, the blockchain to secure them and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to treat them, carries the promise of seeing a unified system capable of responding to the new ambitions of our constantly changing societies.

The cloud computing market is, despite a strong growth of more than 30% per year (generated revenue estimated at USD 180 billion in 2017), still primarily concentrated around a few actors. These “pure players” represent 60% of the market, an oligopolistic situation leading to a lack of price competition and declining customer service (Gartner, 2017*). In order to allow as many people as possible to take part in this revolution, we believe that an inclusive access to computing resources is necessary. In response to this problem, decentralized marketplaces such as iExec, SONM, Golem, Storj and SIA are starting to emerge.

Tresorio HUB aims at providing an additional solution to this problem by creating an aggregator of computer resources, based on its own decentralized and eco-responsible clusters network, the Green Network, and on the resources provided by individuals through various decentralized marketplaces. These resources will be leased to companies and individuals with recurring or non-recurring needs so that they can use them to store and deploy all kinds of applications (AI, crypto-assets mining, video games, graphic rendering, scientific research, etc.). These resources will also be provided by companies and individuals in search of a better rentability for their unused resources, through our Green Network integration or decentralized marketplaces.

Also, thanks to our experience in the development of quantitative algorithms dedicated to risk management, we can reduce the volatility of a crypto-assets portfolio by applying allocation constraints such as the holding of tokens of the marketplaces exploited (iExec, SONM, Golem, Storj, etc.). In fact, this approach is necessary to implement a real-time payment in HUB tokens into the HUB platform and thus an access to all the decentralized resources of marketplaces (“optimal allocator” algorithm). It is also mandatory to convert HUB tokens into external suppliers’ usual currency (marketplaces tokens or fiat).

At the same time, we have equipped ourselves with intelligent tools to better manage the liquidity of orders sent to crypto-assets exchanges, as well as high-frequency algorithmic strategies with very low volatility. This quantitative toolbox allows us to reduce the global execution cost and therefore the final cost of the service offered by Tresorio HUB.

With these solutions, developed jointly by Tresorio and SESAMm since 2016, we contribute to a better allocation of computing power, thus offering simplified and independent access to the edge computing marketplaces. We are also contributing to the development of a new form of exploitation of computer servers, and we are participating alongside with Dalkia in the “Green Computing” revolution.


Our pilot Smart-Boiler has been inaugurated!

Back in July the 12th, we inaugurated, alongside with Dalkia’s CEO, Sylvie Jéhanno, our Green Network’s first brick. Our smart-boiler has been placed into a french hospital, to heat a part of its water for sanitary use.

Our Private Sale is open

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Our HUB token 

Our HUB token is a utility token, a digital asset that you can trade through our HUB platform for computing ressources, for a wide range of uses, like 3D rendering, complex scientific calculation, MRI analysis, or Machine Learning model training.

Our Green Network

A part of the computing power that we offer through our Hub platform relies on our Green Network, a scalable and heterogeneous super-clusters network that generates heat for their hosts.

Developed with our partner Dalkia, these smart-boilers will be deployed in the widest area possible, letting our users enjoy a local computing power.

Our HUB Platform

The HUB Platform is a fast, generic and secure cloud platform, allowing to deploy all types of applications (mining, AI, gaming, …) on an ever expanding pool of computing resources, wether it comes from our Green Network or from thousand of independant operators.

Thanks to several modules and decentralized marketplaces connectors (SONM, Infrachain, iExec, Dadi, …), the HUB platform will allow users to browse the computing resources pool, to rent them at the best price and to use it by deploying tasks, or by using the apps catalog.

Our Algorithmic Toolbox

Thanks to our experience in quantitative algorithmic development dedicated to risk management, we developed tools allowing us to diminish the volatility of our crypto portfolio. This ensures an effective management of Ethers collected through our ICO and decentralized marketplaces tokens, necessary for the proper functionning of the HUB platform (RLC, SNM, GNT, STORJ, ...).

The Team

Jonathan Klein


Loïc Gorka

Manager- Green Network

Thibault Studle


Guillaume Hoff

Manager - Production

Marc-Antoine Colotte

Manager - Crypto Market

Marceau Visano


Sylvain Forté

Co-founder & CEO, SESAMm

Pierre Rinaldi

Co-founder & COO, SESAMm

Florian Aubry

Co-founder & CTO, SESAMm

Vincent Madrenas

IT Quant - Crypto Market, SESAMm

Joachim Joyaux

IT Quant - Crypto Market, SESAMm

Morgane Lacaze

Office Manager, Tresorio HUB

Alexis Renck

Automation Engineer, Tresorio HUB

Stanislas Rohmer

Sales & Marketing Manager, SESAMm

Malik Senouci

Chief Marketing Officer, SESAMm

Marjorie Muller

Executive Assistant, SESAMm

Nell Buggenhoudt

Executive Assistant, SESAMm

Florian Labat

Head of Quantitative Analysis, SESAMm

Guillaume Gautier

Algorithmic Trader, SESAMm

Pierre Maeckereel

Machine Learning & NLP, SESAMm

Toussaint Behaghel

Machine Learning Engineer, SESAMm

Yingsi Liang

NLP Research, SESAMm

Cédric Rémond

Software Engineer, SESAMm

Mathieu Beucher

Python Developer, SESAMm

Kevin Ruby

Full-stack Developer, SESAMm

Eymeric Sozonoff

Data Scientist, SESAMm

Tanguy Gerome

Software Developer, SESAMm

Alexandre de Beaumont

Software Developer, SESAMm

Derick Smith

Founder AmmbrTech Group

Arjuna Sathiaseelan

CEO Ammbr Research Labs

Edmund Lowell

Founder KYC Chain/Selfkey Foundation

Chris Marcilla

Deputy Director KYC3

Marco Houwen

Founder LuxCloud, Infrachain, Lëtzblock

Williams Mermet-Bouvier

Portfolio Manager AIF

Pierre Batsch

HPC/Cloud Consultant

Steve Renard

C# Software Developer

Pauline Leg

Communication consultant

Laszlo Szabo


Jinhyun Kang

Community Animator


Token Info

Tokens for sale
Price in ICO
1 ETH = 7,500 HUB

Investment Info

Distributed in ICO
Min. investment
20 ETH

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