Non-Technical Platform for Blockchain Investors


TokensGate was born to solve to major problems in tokens investments. We wanted to make investment a non-technical thing for all the people who wants to join the revolution but because of lack of technical knowledge couldn't do that. We also wanted to save peoples time by offering professional asset management services with access to number of private-sales on the market. We specialise in early stage investments that are offering tokens even before pre-ico Our mission is to bring a liquidation and return closer to investors. With our unique liquidation strategy we choose companies that offer utility tokens with solid liquidation strategy. Our platform is extremely private, we offer our services only to verified investors.

About Tokensgate

TokensGate is a non-technical platform for blockchain investors. With use of a platform every approved user can start a asset management blockchain smart contract. We offer different type of contracts:

  • Investor can rely on us, providing us with resources and believe in our expertise.
  • Investor can divide the contract into two parts, one manage by us and second by himself
  • Investor can choose the investment by himself 

Our companies verification process involve expertise of 100 advisors and our automated system. Tokensgate allows people to allocate money in more safer and attractive way into project that can change industries. 

TokensGate is a part of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and EMEA Blockchain Assosiation. Our mission is to bring our developed standard called DASP (Diversified Assets Management Protocol) to the investment and asset management industry. 

TokensGate use TGC token as a utility token for Tokensgate platform. Every owner of the TGC token will be able to participate in our comission payout protocols every 6 months as a form of a Digital Dividend. TGC was build to generate digital value.

The Team

Szymon Piekarz


Wojciech Labryga


Aliaksandr Horlach


Piotr Danelski


Evgeny Chamtonau


Jeffery L. Grady

Shareholder & Advisor

Jeremy Glover


Laurent Uhres


Marta Domańska


Andrew Hubert Willmann


Tomasz Mironczuk


Duke Vu


Christian Kranicke


Jacek Czarnohorski


Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D


Alexander Lozben


Kacper Grzesiak


Grigory Vasilkov


Emil Ślązak


Alexey Kruchenok


Dimitri Mikhalchuk


Maksim Lazarevich


Kirill Voloshin


Michał Kowalski



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