The World's First Hybrid Blockchain Marketplace


Luxreum is a global hybrid marketplace powered by blockchain technology, facilitating premium purchases with cryptocurrencies. Luxreum aims to create the world’s first FinCEN, E-Money, KYC, AML & CTF compliant global marketplace for premium top-of-the-line products and services with cryptocurrency affluents as it’s major target group. It will develop an online global marketplace for b2b and b2c consumers to include: vehicle industries (automobiles, light trucks, and Powersports), recreational products, home & business products, aviation, marine industry, financial & insurance products, and concierge services. The marketplace will utilize blockchain along with other existing technologies to create a secure, advanced, and user-friendly platform. Luxreum will offer its patent-pending escrow system (powered by smart contracts) and universal cryptocurrency exchanger through digital APIs. Its global marketplace will accept all the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple.

About Luxreum

Luxreum is a global hybrid marketplace for premium-tier products and services across multiple segments. It aims to improve cryptocurrency adoption in luxury and premium segments of consumer goods/services by accepting major cryptocurrencies as its primary payment option. Luxreum Global is split into multiple divisions to offer a broader range of services to its global clientele.

The digital arm of Luxreum Global includes a hybrid online marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology along with other technologies and APIs for third-party integrations. Luxreum has a patent-pending escrow solution and offers a universal cryptocurrency exchanger to its platform users.

Luxreum intends to release its own ERC20 crypto token which is to work as the native currency of the Luxreum ecosystem. Luxreum Global aims to become a consortium of dealerships, brokers, and concierge service providers that offers any and every service required by its clientele. Its primary segments include a vehicle marketd ivision, a marine division, an aviation division, finance, and insurance division, an auction enterprise, home/business and real estate division, and a concierge service division.

Luxreum will establish two primary global centers located in the USA and  Europe. Additionally, it will develop hundreds of physical branch locations around the world to work as its regional hubs. These regional hubs will operate through its local beachhead teams of experts and professionals.

Luxreum Global will recruit hundreds of brokers, dealerships, and affiliates working in the premium-tier products and services segment. The primary intent behind creating this network of global partners is to ensure the same level of services for its customers around the globe.

The Team

Keith Chan

Strategic Advisor

Gary Knight


Antonio Rossi


Kenn White


Sean Marsh


Frank Clinton


David Meszaros

Chief Legal Officer

Dustin Marsh

Business Development

Prakash Pandey

Business Strategist

Kate Limashevskaya

UX Designer / UI Engineer

Dillon Marcus

Blockchain Engineer

Jay Austin

Blockchain Developer

Vishal Savaliya

Blockchain Developer

Erika Fay

Senior Web Developer

Christine Usi


Rowe Cosentino

Luxury Brand Specialist

Adam Yared

Managing Director


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 LXR = 0.10 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
50 USD
Distributed in ICO

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