Creating a High Speed IoT Blockchain Network


Creating a high performance IoT Blockchain Network for general purpose application. “TreeBlock” is a blockchain that combines Hierarchy Sharding and Time Sharding to create Time Sharding Trees architecture that is able to scale blockchain to a significant number Tps on-chain comparing to existing blockchains. This is a public, general purpose blockchain, and open source. With the ability to scale, TreeBlock can be applied to any project that requires a high-performance blockchain. Our blockchain is going to solve 5 existing problems of blockchain: Scalability – Performance – Security – Storage – Tokenomy. With this Time Sharding Trees architecture, a node can be much smaller and we aim to use IoT as nodes instead of big nodes and big mining pools.

About TreeBlock

TREEBLOCK is designed to simplify dApps to adopt onto our blockchain protocol for many applications. It connects a network of users around the world via Smart Devices, Smart Contracts and AIs. AI(s) on the system with permission from the users will share their information within the system to best serve the users’ requests. Imagine such efficient system that frees you and everyone you care about back to simply enjoy your life. That is what our envisioned future with TreeBlock.


The Team

Anh Le


James Gonsalves

Deputy CEO

Rennie Sng

Chief Financial Officer

Allan Zhang

Chief Strategy Officer

Munaf Razzak

Head of Security

Dao Thanh Tuan

CTO's System Tech Assistant

Duong Ngoc Thang

CTO's Cyber Security Assistant

Do Thanh Hung

CTO's Database Tech Assistant

Wayne Dsouza

Administrative Manager

Dr. Rex Yeap

Advisory to CTO,

Ali Kassab

Special ICO Advisor

Armando Castro

Legal Counselor

Ali Ömer Horzum

ICO Advisor


Token Info

Price in ICO
20,000 TREX = 1 ETH
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
0.1 ETH
Distributed in ICO

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