Shopping Online is Meant to be Easy


Internet shopping has become more and more popular nowadays, however, a lot of consumers are still reluctant to purchase online due to some perceived risks. The purpose of this White Paper is to introduce internet shopping, with aims to analyze the problems and give the corresponding solutions to ensure e-commerce growth with full Privacy and Security. In order to give a concrete picture, In the White Paper, we will also illustrate measures which GBPT Token will undertake in the near future and making the online shopping experience more secure, private and easy on our Decentralized e-commerce Online Store using the Blockchain Technology.

About GBPT

GBPT is an online store that will offer electronic products from the top 10 Electronics brands and some more with most used products, not only this but also will offer the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). All our customers will be able to purchase any available product on the store using GBPT, BTC and ETH.

You will be able to buy unlimited Electronics with full warranty using CryptoCurrency. You don't need to worry about your Credit/Debit card information anymore when shopping online, moreover forget about waiting weeks/months to receive your purchases.

The Team

John Chinwendu Uneke

Community Moderator

Judith Anquillano

Community Moderator

Glennbert Ferrer

Community Moderator & Promoter

Louver Asuncion

Marketing & Community Management

Salah Essalek

Sales & Marketing Managements

Fahd El Haraka


Ayoub Moussaddad

Web Developer & Designer

Youness Elharaka



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