FoodNation (PreICO)

FoodNation (PreICO)

The #1 Blockchain Food Delivery Marketplace


We are a online food delivery marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology and having as key part the distribution of the profits with the sellers and promoters for a more viral and sustainable growing. The online food order market is practically under the domain of big players whose profit margins are very significant, sometimes more than 50% of the services taxes. These monopolies eliminate good part of the business competition making both restaurants and clients run out of options. Nowadays this market moves USD 121 billion and the foresight is that will be still growing in high taxes (approximately 18% a year) reaching, in 2002, nearly USD 234 billions. FoodNation is creating a marketplace for food order by apps with division of efforts for conquer together this billionaire industry. All the partners that are involved in the network could enjoy, in a meritocratic way.

About FoodNation (PreICO)

We are an online food delivery marketplace, collaboratively developed using the world’s most advanced blockchain technology, having as our core concept the profits distribution amongst the whole network. In our ecosystem, sellers, promoters, and users will benefit from the transparency, fairness, and expertise that every single actor will bring to the environment.
We truly believe that by cutting the traditional businesses inefficiencies we will make the blockchain based marketplace the new norm towards a more egalitarian entrepreneurial ground.

Combine city traffic, long office shifts, great restaurants, tv streaming, and smartphones, and you will have a U$121 billion business called online food ordering.

Big shot VCs and great minded entrepreneurs have already seen the opportunity and are profiting loads of money by getting in between kitchens and hunger.

The recipe is simple: have as many users as vouchers can buy and as many meals offer as the neighbourhood can provide. Mix it with a 15% take rate, and you will get the best dinner of your life. But this business is not always fair, and on that table, if you are not the marketplace owner, you might be the meal itself.

Next time you visit your beloved restaurant, ask the manager what he thinks about the marketplace his restaurant is in. Chances are he will say it is a hostage situation. Since the delivery orders are massively migrating to online platforms, it is dumb to be out, but once inside, forget about the good old margins it used to maintain mostly to build up savings against the uncertainties of pay-roll, equipment, tax and next-door competition.

Now the scenario: dark kitchens are coming and scaling, big chains are dedicating a budget for online co-branded marketing campaigns, local heroes are hiring engineering staff to deal with lean production complexities, but the poor long tail restaurants, those are deemed to disappear.

Imagine you have inherited your grandad’s restaurant. Food is good, customers are loyal, financials are ok, but yet you feel like it is time to go online. The first three days are amazing. Orders go from 0 to 100 in a matter of hours, ratings are doing good as well. In five days you start hiring and refresh the plans to have a second baby. Everything is fine until it gets bad. The weekend goes by and without notice, orders start to slow down and you get to learn about the marketplace newcomers’ top placement strategy. Yes! They put you on top so you think it was a good deal. Not willing to lose the pace, on the next days and months you start inviting your old customers to join the marketplace to order from you in a more convenient way. Suddenly you come to realize your customers are been seduced by the big chains free food and the zero delivery fees campaigns. Regret takes place but it might be too late. You have hired, bought new fryers, the wife is pregnant and bills are pilling-up. Your restaurant is now captive with two choices: accept the marketplace commissions and learn how to coup with adversities or close and go bankrupt. The family will say it is fine! Happens every day.

The Team

Fan Yang Chun

Business Developer

Felipe Carvalho

Technical Leader

Vitor Lançoni

Creative Director

Igor Montella

Founder and CEO

Khevin Mituti

Marketing Director

Sanem Avcil



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0.5000 USD
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0.5 ETH
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