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Kaiser token is a security-optimized token. Kaiser token has used a fee for our products such as Kaiser Wallet, Kaiser WalletBank and Kaiser Platform and used in our main net 'Aiser Chain' to improve the security of our products.

About Kaiser

Kaiser coin is a cryptocurrency that specializes in security, which has launched “Kaiser 3rd Generation Ecosystem, which will lead the third-generation block chain industry, beginning with CC*((Joint Assessment Criteria) top-ranked EAL6+ certified hardware wallet, Kaiser Wallet.                                                             

The Kaiser chain consists of Hyper AiserChain and DApp chain. Hyper AiserChain is a hybrid type of block chain that combines a private block chain with a public block chain. In the private block chain of the Kaiser chain, it supports fast processing speed for payment and P2P transaction according to the user needs, and secures integrity and reliability in the public block chain.
We developed a patented security solution by combining a private block chain with a back-hardware security module in order to solve the security problem in the private blockchain. Kaiser line-up has been expanded with the development of Kaiser PayBank, which combines security, compatibility, and practicality, and Kaiser Hybrid DEX (Decentralized Exchange) which incorporates the world’s first payment system will be launched soon. 

Kaiser BSM(Back Hardware Security Module), which is core security techonology of Kasier PayBanC, completes digital signature processing within the SEE(Security Execution Engine) when a digital signature is requested. The key itself is not exposed to outside so it offers higher security. Not only is it possible to establish an environment that supports all types of coins, but it can be certified at a high speed, which further improves the processing speed. DEX, based on the third-generation ecosystem of Kaiser, is linked with Kaiser's platform business and expands its service to make it easy to use by implementing payment system (POS device, ATM withdrawal and QR code, NFC pay).

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Juan Pablo Fernandez Aguero

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Sukhvinder Singh

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Richard Shibi

Blockchain Innovation Director

Maskal Boipai

Advisor of ABBC Foundation

Ralph Y. Liu

Founder, Mulechain

Sachin Bhargava

Founder of Kakushin.tech

Shane Liddell

CEO of Cryptologis


CEO of Madmenico

Tackhwi Lee

SK hynix, Director of NAND

Seung Hun Park

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

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