Building an Ecosystem of Mobile Gaming and Payments For One Billion People


Kamari was created with the vision of a world of gaming and payments united without borders. By integrating existing infrastructure and licensing with a standardized currency for gaming and payments, Kamari will instantly offer a better experience to hundreds of millions of people across Africa.

About Kamari

You are likely to be reading this because you are aware that historically, the greatest uptake of new technologies has often been through gaming and betting (collectively, gambling). You may have also heard that Africa will have the fastest cryptocurrency utility of any global region—akin to the widespread adoption of mobile banking.

If you are aware of these two things, then you will be interested in Kamari Coin, its rapid distribution model, best of breed technology, integration to existing gaming platforms and licenses, experienced team and token sale offer.

Unlike many projects seeking funding to develop technology or speculative business models, Kamari Coin runs on proven business models as old as humanity itself, working with leading blockchain technology partners and growing alongside gaming partners with proven business success.

When Kamari Coin goes live, it will be used by profit generating businesses from day one. Kamari is the Swahili word for “gambling,” a game of chance.

Kamari is the change agent that will permanently disrupt the gambling industry for Africa’s 1.2 billion person population and how all monetary transactions are communicated and completed on the continent.

Kamari achieves this by being a phenomenal standalone crypto application but has plans to develop Africa’s first interoperable, decentralized blockchain ecosystem to ensure mass adoption by ordinary Africans. The platform will support multiple digital currencies and smart contracts, all accessible by smartphone, that has huge cost and profit advantages through purchase aggregation and disruption of prohibitive centralized interest rates. Kamari will enable cross-border transactions for the first time in hundreds of years.

The proper proliferation and purposing of the blockchain in Africa can increase its GDP by trillions of dollars within a decade. Kamari intends to initiate this point of global impact and benefit its token holders through its utility.

The Team

Chris Cleverly


Garth Kimber

CEO of global gaming group Xela Holdings

Raymond Sze

Currently managing director

Simon Webster


Kingsley Pungong


Alex Lightman



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