Decentralized Film Distribution Platform


A revolution in the distribution of independent films, MoviesChain by TVzavr decentralizes and disintermediates the global independent film distribution industry, delivering unmatched efficiency, transparency and global scalability.

About MoviesChain

  • Established in 2009, we are a leading Russian video-on-demand company.
  • In 2010, we received $15 million in venture capital funding to establish a strong team of 70 specialists.
  • We had 68 million unique users in 2016; in 2017 we have 25 million users watching videos on our platform every month.
  • In 2016, we earned $6 million in revenue.
  • MoviesChain by TVzavr is powered by our unique content delivery network system and the Akamai network on 50 servers worldwide.
  • MoviesChain by TVzavr’s entertainment content is cryptographically protected by our own unique data rights management system, which has AES-128 standard at its core.
  • Since 2010, our content is available worldwide on Smart TV, Smartphones, and set-top-boxes.
  • Our advertising clients are the world’s biggest corporations including those on the Fortune 500 list.

The product is ready! Our frontend system has been functional since 2010 and our backend system will be ready by the time we close our ICO. The funds from the ICO will be used for marketing and purchase of video content.

The Team

Alexey Yeremenko


Jessica Hope Jordan


Nessa Varez


Sabine Rossbach


Marianne Bourg


Susanne Dähn-Leach


Alexander Pavlov


Varvara Davydova

Head of Business Development

Olesya Teplova

Head of PR Department

Angelika Kristeva

Head of International Communications

Sergey Klimentov

IT Developer

Eugene Rybakov

Lead Software Developer

Mikhail Mikhalevich

Head of Hardware Division

Artem Mkhitaryan

Senior Software Engineer

Konstantin Koritich

Software Developer

Dmitry Zimogliadov

Lead Web Developer

Sergey Kozhevnikov

Lead Web Developer


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