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FENIX.CASH seeks to provide the platform by which artists can interact directly with their fans underpinned by a new cryptocurrency, FENIX.CASH tokens. The principal purpose of FENIX.CASH is to allow the development of alternative revenue streams that gives fans the means to fairly reward the artists for doing so. In particular, FENIX.CASH provides the means for an artist to give fans that which they covet most – exclusivity and access beyond merely streaming their musical content, both of which are things that fans are prepared to pay handsomely for. Central to the proposition, FENIX.CASH has developed the FENIX.CASH App, which provides the following: A platform that allows artists to offer their fans products outside streaming of their music content; A search facility enabling fans to search against all of their favourite bands; An app that easily facilitates payment to bands in FENIX.CASH for the sale of their product; An App that is integrated with the FENIX App, which is key in ensuring massive distribution and scale from launch; An App that will reward for both bands and their fans for using FENIX and FENIX.CASH.


FENIX.CASH is the platform by which artists can interact directly with their fans underpinned by a new cryptocurrency. It doesn’t seek to replace an artist’s existing interactions, whether through social media or distribution of their music on streaming platforms or otherwise. FENIX.CASH simply seeks to make the preferred point of contact between fans and their favourite bands more effective by aggregating everything in one place - music, social media, a community of like-minded fans to chat among and then to provide access to products directly from the artists.

It is the provision of those products that FENIX.CASH believes are what fans covet most – if artists are willing to provide exclusivity and access beyond merely streaming their musical content, fans are prepared to pay handsomely for the privilege.

And importantly, selling product through the FENIX.CASH platform means that artists are not forced to pay away the lion’s share of their earnings to middlemen - they may elect to do so, but now have access to a platform that does not make it a prerequisite.

As well as offering a means for an artist to simply and quickly build and utilize a landing point for its fans, FENIX.CASH makes it easy for the artist to distribute to their fans and allow them to plug into an experience that looks and feels the way the artist wants it to.

The Team

Allan Klepfisz

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Lance Ford

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Richard Lee

Founder, Head of Execution

Vimal Gupta


Hussain Cutpiecewala

Blockchain Developer

Luke Peake

Creative Director / UX Designer

Jonathan Wheelwright

Technology Manager

Olavs Ritenis

Head of Vendor Ecosystem

Chai Ong

Head of Asia Subscriber Communities

Julia Lyschik

Office Boss

Geordie Launder

Head of Video Content

Jaime An

Advisor - Korea

Larry Gan


Sandy Monteiro


Jason Berman


John Velasco


Alex Cleanthous


Luke Stronach


Robin Kent



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