ExMarkets featured on Coinmarkets and new platform released!

Dec 5, 2018 at 16:58



Our team is making long strides of progress and has just recently reached an agreement to be listed on Coinmarkets.net


Coinmarkets.net is a rapidly growing exchange, cryptocurrency and token information website encompassing market information, latest news, data on live and upcoming ICO projects and more. A new and improved CoinMarketCap, if you will.


An increased number of crypto enthusiasts feel disappointed in the services provided and the ambiguities surrounding the latter crypto information portal. Coinmarkets.net seems to be an excellent alternative.


Starting from December, trading volume, adjusted trading volume, trading pairs, and the general information about ExMarkets activity.


We have been in a pleasant relationship with Coinmarkets.net team for a while and are happy that we’re finally going to be visible on the platform.


This new cooperation will bring a heap of credibility for ExMarkets and the CoinStruction’s liquidity framework ecosystem. It’s a small step in the line of many more that will come in the nearby future.


Join Exmarkets.com and start trading crypto right away. Why choose ExMarkets? Follow the link and find out!


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