Venture Capitalist Tim Draper Will Hit the Stage for Another Inspiring Fireside Chat and Sign 1,000 Copies of his Book

Sep 4, 2018 at 16:05

We are thrilled to announce that @TimDraper will be joining us again at the second Crypto Invest Summit, October 22-24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Tim will be signing copies of his book, “How to be The Startup Hero: A Guide and Textbook for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs” on the expo floor and will also be giving away copies to the first 1,000 expo attendees!

If you were at the spring Summit, you heard Tim share his thoughts (at a standing-room only crowd!) on everything from government regulation: “Currencies should just be running free and we will end up with a much more wealthy society,” to how crypto is changing the world: “Crypto is a kick starter for societal transformation,” and how he looks at crypto investing: “We’re looking for a crypto that’s going to be a movement.”

Tim will return to the stage on October 24th at 9:30 a.m. for another provocative fireside chat.

His book, published in December, is considered by many to be a must-read for budding entrepreneurs. As he explains in the introduction: “With this book, I hope to guide people to think big, drive change and go full speed ahead. I am giving them a pledge to do their work for good, and I am giving them some of the tools they need to accomplish their goals.”

Tim is the founding partner of Draper Associates and DFJ.  He has been recognized as a leading supporter of entrepreneurship with numerous awards and honors, including World Entrepreneurship Forum’s “Entrepreneur for the World” in 2015.

Tim is a blockchain investor and crypto enthusiast who believes that blockchain will be more transformational than the internet.

He accurately predicted in 2014 that Bitcoin would be worth $10,000 in three years. He since made a prediction that it will hit $250,000 by the year 2022.

He also has said that cryptocurrencies will eventually replace credit cards and that crypto will replace fiat currencies entirely.

What do you think?

This fall’s Summit promises to be even bigger and better, with more venue space to accommodate more attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and opportunities for networking.

If you didn’t catch Tim (or his bitcoin tie!) this spring, don’t miss this opportunity to hear him in October (and get a signed copy of his book and maybe a selfie)?!

Registration is now open and we are sure to sell out again!